Durban Opticians

Staffed by professional, qualified and HPCSA registered Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians, each Durban Opticians store is a destination for Eyecare, Visioncare and Opticalcare services.

Durban Opticians

Spectacles and Contact Lenses and their accessories do not need to cost you an arm and a leg. The cost of Eyecare, Visioncare and Opticalcare products and services is out of control and Durban Opticians is going to change that.

Optirite Spectacle Lenses are all Freeform Surfaced, Thin and Light Weight, Photochromatic Grey Tinted, Scratch Resistant and Ultrviolet Light Reducing Hard Coated, Glare Reducing Anti Reflection Coated, Steam Resistant Hydrophobic Coated, Blue Light Reducing Coated and Infrared Light Reducing Coated.

Bunoviata Spectacle Frames are of the Highest Quality Manufacture, Highly Fashionable, Light Weight and Durable. Available in Acetate, TR90 and a range of Metals. They are going to satisfy the most discerning of patient.

Durban Opticians

Durban Optical Holdings

Durban Optical Holdings consists of 15 Subsidiaries as well as Durban Online Holdings and Microgene Holdings. These 15 Subsidiaries are Durban Optical, Durban Optical Import, Durban Optical Export, Durban Opticians, Durban Optician and Partners, Opticians Bank, Durban Optical Clinics, Durban Optical Hospitals, Optical College, DeltaVision, CTEVOR, Optirite Marketing, Bunoviata, DO Frames and Coburn. Durban Optical sources, manufactures and supplies spectacle lenses, spectacle frames, spectacle accessories, contact lenses, spectacles as well as eyecare, visioncare and opticalcare supplies, machinery, instruments and tools. Durban Optical is completely focused on achieving Durban Optical's mission of "Perfect Vision for a Perfect World".

Durban Opticians

The selling point of Durban Opticians is this: 1 Free Optometric Examination Per Person Per Year. Additional Optometric Examinations cost R300 ZAR each. Daily Disposable Contact Lenses cost R20 ZAR Per Pair Per Day Regardless of Prescription. Single Vision Spectacles With All The Enhancements cost R500 ZAR Per Pair Regardless of Prescription. Multifocal Spectacles With All the Enhancements cost R1000 Per Pair Regardless of Prescription. Each Durban Opticians store will have a Spectacle Making Laboratory Onsite Providing a 1 Hour Service Regardless of Prescription.

Durban Opticians

There will only be 11 Durban Opticians outlets throughout Durban. They will be destination stores that offer the services of many Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians, that offer thousands of spectacle frame choices and that offer a wide selection of thin spectacle lens designs. As far as contact lenses go, we have decided to only stock daily disposable contact lenses and have set the retail price of these contact lenses at R20.00 ZAR a day regardless of prescription and regardless of whether the contact lenses are supplied through Durban Optical or made by Durban Optical.

So for those patients whom previously spent a fortune on "permanent" contact lenses that had to be especially made for them; Durban Opticians will now fit them with daily disposable contact lenses at the same price as the regular prescriptions. In terms of spectacles, all of our spectacle frames are the same price, we do not sell spectacle frames or lenses on their own to the public and as such single vision spectacles with all of the lens enhancements will cost just R500.00 ZAR a pair while multifocal spectacles with all of the lens enhancements will cost just R1000.00 ZAR a pair. Incidentally each and every Durban Opticians outlet will have its own onsite Optical Laboratory to surface and coat spectacle lenses and to make spectacles in a 1 hour turnaround time.

We have done away with bifocal spectacles completely as our freeform surfacing offers a wide range of multifocal designs some of which will seem like bifocals to experienced bifocal wearers. Naturally spectacle cases, spectacle lens cleaning cloths and bottles of spectacle lens cleaning solution are free of charge and bundled in with the patient's pair of spectacles. Every Durban Opticians outlet will provide and honour a voucher entitling each person to 1 free Optometric Examination per year, while Optometric Examinations themselves will cost just R300.00 ZAR. Each Durban Opticians outlet will be a free standing building of 3000 square metres internal space offering an unparalleled experience to our patients.

In addition every Durban Opticians outlet will have an onsite Cafe Senegalaise store serving up tasty continental cuisine and the all healing Cafe Touba for our patients and the general public.

Durban wins with Durban Optical and Durban Opticians. Perfect Vision for a Perfect World. | | |

Perfect Vision for a Perfect World