Durban Optical Import

Durban Optical Import strives to be the foremost importer of Optical goods into Africa through Durban. Apart from the materials and products for Durban Optical, Durban Optical Import is aggresively securing the All African distribution rights to Optical goods that are not present in the African marketplace.

Durban Optical Import

Durban Optical Import will import Spectacle Lenses, Spectacle Frames, Spectacle Accessories, Contact Lenses, Contact Lens Accessories, Intraocular Lenses, Optical Equipment, Optical Instruments, Optical Machinery and Optical Consumables into Africa through Durban.

Durban Optical Import will offer a service to Eyecare, Visioncare and Opticalcare companies outside of Durban Optical Holdings to import their products into Africa through Durban so as to grow the All African Eyecare, Visioncare and Opticalcare marketplace.

Durban Optical Import will provide a financing service through Opticians Bank to Eyecare, Visioncare and Opticalcare companies to enable them to import Optical goods in bulk quantities.

Durban Optical Import

Durban Optical Holdings

Durban Optical Holdings consists of 15 Subsidiaries as well as Durban Online Holdings and Microgene Holdings. These 15 Subsidiaries are Durban Optical, Durban Optical Import, Durban Optical Export, Durban Opticians, Durban Optician and Partners, Opticians Bank, Durban Optical Clinics, Durban Optical Hospitals, Optical College, DeltaVision, CTEVOR, Optirite Marketing, Bunoviata, DO Frames and Coburn. Durban Optical sources, manufactures and supplies spectacle lenses, spectacle frames, spectacle accessories, contact lenses, spectacles as well as eyecare, visioncare and opticalcare supplies, machinery, instruments and tools. Durban Optical is completely focused on achieving Durban Optical's mission of "Perfect Vision for a Perfect World".

Durban Optical Import

From Optical goods to Optical Machinery and Optical Production Consumables, Durban Optical Import will become the foremost Importer into Africa of Optical goods through Durban.

Durban Optical Import

Durban Optical is positioning Durban Optical Import to be the importing business of Durban Optical Holdings. This means that whatever Durban Optical Holdings Imports will be imported by Durban Optical Import. Durban Optical Import will also provide a supply chain service to the Optical Industry throughout Africa, importing Eyecare, Visioncare and Opticalcare goods and products for other companies as well.

Due to the fact that Durban Optical Holdings has exclusive rights throughout Africa to an impressive range of spectacle frames which are of a very high standard of quality, Durban Optical will not be manufacturing spectacle frames, instead Durban Optical Import will bring these spectacle frames for distribution throughout Africa.

Durban Optical Import will exploit the fact that imported optical goods for Eyecare, Visioncare and Opticalcare purposes are not subject to customs or excise duty, to streamline the importing of optical goods into Africa so that optical businesses outside of Durban can begin to lower their retail prices across the board.

Extreme care will be taken to establish Durban Optical Import as a reputable importer of optical goods from around the world, and Durban Optical Import will build strong and long-lasting relationships with all of its clients and suppliers.

Strident efforts will be made to bring key suppliers into Durban Optical as Strategic Equity Partners so that they have a vested interest in the long-term success of Durban Optical and Durban Optical Import is essential for this to happen. By sourcing good quality optical products and equipment and by being reliable as an importer Durban Optical Import will be able to grow the base for the future expansion of Durban Optical throughout South Africa.

It is important to note that the brand is "Durban Optical" and this will never vary or change regardless of where Durban Optical expands. Durban Optical is a proud corporate citizen of Durban and will carry the flag for Durban wherever it goes.

Having said that it is obvious that Durban Optical plans to predominate and monopolise the Eyecare, Visioncare and Opticalcare industry, profession and market in and of Durban and will always be open to the suggestion that competing practitioners close their practices and join Durban Optical Clinics as shareholders, once they have been suitably retrained by Optical College.

Durban Optical Import will seek to bring optical brands that have left South Africa back to the South African market so as to grow the range of choice that patients have in their Eyecare, Visioncare and Opticalcare purchases.

Durban wins with Durban Optical Import. Perfect Vision for a Perfect World.

Perfect Vision for a Perfect World