Durban Optical Clinics

While the focus will be on the provision of low cost Eyecare, Visioncare and Opticalcare products and services; there will also be Medical Practitioners, Nurses and Pharmacists providing low cost Primary Healthcare Services at each and every Durban Optical Clinics outlet.

Durban Optical Clinics

Durban Optical Clinics will become beacons of hope in communities throughout Durban. Providing low cost Eyecare, Visioncare and Opticalcare products and services and Providing low cost Medical, Nursing and Pharmaceutical products and services.

As far as spectacles go, all Durban Optical Clinics dispensed spectacles will be provided with all of the latest technology enhancements, made onsite in a 1 hour timeframe.

For patients who do not want to queue for hours on end to see a Medical Practitioner or Nurse or to collect their monthly chronic medication, Durban Optical Clinics is providing a low cost Medical, Nursing and Pharmaceutical service.

Durban Optical Clinics

Durban Optical Holdings

Durban Optical Holdings consists of 14 Subsidiaries as well as Durban Online Holdings and Microgene Holdings. These 14 Subsidiaries are Durban Optical, Durban Optical Import, Durban Optical Export, Durban Opticians, Durban Optician and Partners, Opticians Bank, Durban Optical Clinics, Durban Optical Hospitals, Optical College, DeltaVision, CTEVOR, Optirite Marketing, Bunoviata and Coburn. Durban Optical sources, manufactures and supplies spectacle lenses, spectacle frames, spectacle accessories, contact lenses, spectacles as well as eyecare, visioncare and opticalcare supplies, machinery, instruments and tools. Durban Optical is completely focused on achieving Durban Optical's mission of "Perfect Vision for a Perfect World".

Durban Optical Clinics

To gain access to the products and services of a Durban Optical Clinics outlet there is a means test. Either the patient is from a household which has a monthly income of less than R3500 ZAR or the patient is from a household that receives a SASSA grant.

Durban Optical Clinics

To solve the crisis in primary healthcare and to make eyecare, visioncare and opticalcare accessible to people in large numbers, Durban Optical Holdings is establishing an outlet of Durban Optical Clinics in every municipal ward of Durban. There will be many Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians, many primary health nurses and many medical practitioners and pharmacists at each outlet. Each outlet will be a free standing building of 1000 square metres internal space.

There will still be hundreds of spectacle frames to choose from and all spectacle lenses will still be dispensed with all of the high end lens enhancements. Further to which each and every Durban Optical Clinics outlet will have its own onsite Optical Laboratory to surface and coat spectacle lenses and make spectacles in a 1 hour turnaround time. It is intended that Optometric Examinations will be free of charge, that single vision spectacles will cost just R100.00 ZAR a pair and that multifocal spectacles will cost only R300.00 ZAR a pair. That means for the price sensitive consumer, a pair of distance spectacles and a pair of reading spectacles will cost the princely sum of no more than R200.00 ZAR altogether.

Durban Optical Clinics will not be fitting contact lenses, instead referring all patients who need contact lenses instead of spectacles to the nearest Durban Optical Hospitals outlet. In terms of medical services; it is intended that free primary health screening performed by registered nurses will be provided and that consultations with medical practitioners will also be free of charge. To supplement this, once-off medication will cost only R100.00 per prescription and chronic medication will cost only R100.00 ZAR per prescription per month. All medication will be dispensed at the onsite pharmacy by the registered pharmacists.

We anticipate large volumes of patients so every Durban Optical Clinics outlet will be open 7 days a week from 7am to 7pm daily. If the demand warrants it, additional healthcare practitioners from other disciplines will be added to the Durban Optical Clinics formula.

Durban wins with Durban Optical and Durban Optical Clinics. Perfect Vision for a Perfect World.

Perfect Vision for a Perfect World