Bunoviata Spectacle Frames exclusively from Durban Optical are high quality, light weight and extremely durable. Available in Acetate, TR90 and a range of Metals; Bunoviata Spectacle Frames are exceedingly fashionable and will satisfy the most discerning of patient.


ACETATE: These are plastic frames made from renewable sources that are easy and comfortable to wear and handle. Available in a wide range of aesthetics, they are sure to be fashionable regardless of the ensemble.

TR90: These are plastic frames made from the latest technology in spectacle frame material. They are lightweight and exceedingly durable. Naturally they have been crafted to be fashionable and aesthetically pleasing.

METAL: These are metal frames available in a wide range of materials that are all lightweight and durable. Metal Spectacle Frames have been "Out of Fashion" for a while but Bunoviata has a range of Metal Spectacle Frames to suit any taste.


Durban Optical Holdings

Durban Optical Holdings consists of 15 Subsidiaries as well as Durban Online Holdings and Microgene Holdings. These 15 Subsidiaries are Durban Optical, Durban Optical Import, Durban Optical Export, Durban Opticians, Durban Optician and Partners, Opticians Bank, Durban Optical Clinics, Durban Optical Hospitals, Optical College, DeltaVision, CTEVOR, Optirite Marketing, Bunoviata, DO Frames and Coburn. Durban Optical sources, manufactures and supplies spectacle lenses, spectacle frames, spectacle accessories, contact lenses, spectacles as well as eyecare, visioncare and opticalcare supplies, machinery, instruments and tools. Durban Optical is completely focused on achieving Durban Optical's mission of "Perfect Vision for a Perfect World".


Durban Optical is preparing its Bunoviata Spectacle Frame Representatives to be exceptional and flawless in their service delivery. All of Durban Optical's Bunoviata Spectacle Frames are lightweight and durable. With the trend over the last 30 years towards Clothing Brands extending their lines to Spectacle Frames, the average patient has been misled to believing that the original Unique Spectacle Frame Brands are inferior. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact Spectacle Frames whose brands only exist as Spectacle Frame Brands are of a higher quality of manufacture and engineering. Bunoviata is proudly a Unique Spectacle Frame Brand.


Durban Optical's exclusive range of Bunoviata Spectacle Frames are sure to please every patient, with a wide range of materials and a wider range of fashionable styles, Bunoviata is sure to bring the magic of "For Your Victorious Life" into your domain. Bunoviata Spectacle Frames are only available from Durban Optical and pair perfectly with Durban Optical's Optirite Spectacle Lenses.

Durban Optical Export will export Durban Optical's Bunoviata Spectacle Frame range into All Africa, establishing it as the brand of choice in the market for Spectacle Frames. Durban Optical's business model will eventuate with Bunoviata Spectacle Frames being exclusively fitted with Durban Optical's Optirite Spectacle Lenses making Durban Optical the first choice for Eyecare, Visioncare and Opticalcare in All Africa.

In acquiring independent Eyecare, Visioncare and Opticalcare practitioners as customers, Bunoviata Spectacle Frame Representatives will offer to buy out all of the practitioners existing Spectacle Frame stock and replace it with an exclusive Bunoviata range. If practitioners choose this option, they will be able to exclusively supply Bunoviata Spectacle Frames and Optirite Spectacle Lenses in their geographical territory. In addition to this Durban Optical Clinics will be buying existing Eyecare, Visioncare and Opticalcare practices and consolidating them into the Durban Optical Clinics outlet in their Municipal Ward; this will lead to greater market penetration for both Bunoviata and Optirite.

Durban wins with Durban Optical and Bunoviata. Perfect Vision for a Perfect World. www.bunoviata.africa

Perfect Vision for a Perfect World